Thank you Hilton, now Goodbye!

Hilton just announced a huge new devaluation in their award chart, with some hotels costing nearly double what the currently do. These changes are set to go in to effect on the 28th so get in now.
If you haven’t read about it yet check out any of these blogs.

The crazy thing about this is that everyone is losing. Not only are the travelers who have used Hilton in the past and still do, including myself who stayed many paid nights at Hilton properties throughout the world last year as a Hilton Gold. No, it’s not just us travelers who are getting screwed. Hilton may not realize it yet but this is going to hurt them. Hurt them big.

Everyone with half a brain with a multiple HHonors cards will be canceling at least one, if not all of their cards. And what about those loyal travelers that have stuck with Hilton because of that free breakfast amenity provided to Golds? Umm, my rewards are more valuable than a free breakfast, especially when hotels don’t have very good breakfast, I’m pointing at you DoubleTree Grand Junction, you Eros Hilton Delhi,and you Hilton Dulles, heck, who am I kidding, most Hilton’s have shitty breakfasts.

That shitty breakfast is not worth getting points that are worthless. And I’m not exaggerating here. I would earn a few thousand points on an average stay plus some airline miles with Hilton’s double dip. It used to be that I could get a free night at a decent place with maybe a week’s worth of stays. Now we are looking at two weeks. That’s atrocious value. Let’s look at the competition.

With Hyatt I can get a night at a property I love on just three or four cheap nights at domestic Hyatt’s, and that is excluding the bonus I get from using my Hyatt Visa card, which I use on all Hyatt stays. Similar with Starwood, though I don’t use my SPG Amex everywhere because it charges foreign transaction fees.

With IHG I earn points, and though the points may seem useless they have some great value. I can get a pointsbreak hotel after just one stay in some cases, and heck, after my stay at the Intercontinental Presidente Cozumel in December I earned enough points to get at least one night at any IHG hotel anywhere, or, as I’ve divied those points out, three nights on three continents + future points for a points break.

And let’s not forget Kimpton. Kimpton earns you a free night after seven stays…pretty simple and hard to devalue, especially since I can stay seven nights on a cheap rate (like at the Hotel Helix on a BRG rate) and spend them at an expensive hotel, like the EPIC in Miami.

Now back to Hilton. As you can see they’ve gone from being somewhere in the middle to dead last. They’re like Yemen in women’s sports, not even trying to compete.

So who are the losers? Me, you, and Hilton.

Who are the winners? Are those other chains like Hyatt, SPG, IHG, and Kimpton who will get our stays now.

Don’t forget that you can status match or challenge to all of the chains I’ve listed from your HHonors status, so let Hilton offer you this one last gift of status in another chain.

SPG and Hyatt offer challenges while IHG and Kimpton do straight status matches. Enjoy your new status and let us give thanks to Hilton for showing us the light of better hotels with  , what I believe in general, better customer service.


I have not covered Marriott  in this post as I am writing this based on what i am doing.

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