Is Delta Testing Partner Awards at “High” Level?

It looks like Delta is ready to ruin the one positive part of their award chart, and that long rumored devalue might be true. I’m really hoping this is just one of the issues of Delta computers screwing up pricing, but I’m not going to count on it.

While searching for random awards I encountered an oddity.

Should be 80,000

Should be 80,000

Tokyo to Amsterdam on partners should price out to 80,000 SkyMiles in coach at the low level, which is the only level listed on the award chart for North Asia to Europe.

North Asia to Europe SkyMiles Award Chart

But this was listed at 130,000 miles. Based on looking at other routes on the charts this would equate to a high level coach award. Delta has previously only charged the low level for partner awards, except for inter-island awards on Hawaiian Airlines.


Delta offers some medium priced awards (90,000 round trip price), but if you want to fly partners from North Asia to Europe the price is 130,000 miles if you connect in the US, while on Delta that same US connection will set you back 130,000 miles.

Where does this fit in to the price chart?

Where does this fit in to the price chart?

I’m hoping this just has to do with LAX not being listed on the accepted connection cities while DTT (Detroit city code encompassing DTW) and MSP are, however NRT-LAX-AMS still falls within the maximum permitted mileage and thus shouldn’t force it in to two separate segments.

NRT-LAX-AMS is under the MPM

NRT-LAX-AMS is under the MPM at 11029

In addition to everything being under MPM, I’ve never experienced Delta enforcing connection cities rule in the past, their computers seem to favor MPM as a limiting factor.

As I recently booked a few awards to empty out my SkyMiles account I wasn’t able to book to check this is not an error, but if, as I’m afraid it will, this proves to be true, I’ll have to rethink my positive position on the Delta SkyMiles program.

Now if this isn’t a devalue or a computer problem it could also happen to just be an award chart shuffle that hasn’t been updated to the award chart we see, at least that could explain the Delta 90,000 roundtrip NRT-MSP-AMS, but that doesn’t explain NRT-LAX-AMS being priced at 130,000 SkyMiles roudntrip.

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